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2024 Competition Details

We are excited to share that this year the 2024 Global Economic Symposium will be held at Northeastern University, at the John D. O’Bryant Building, on March 7th and 8th. High school and middle school teams from Washington, D.C., Brockton, Chicago, and New Orleans will demonstrate their knowledge of both economic concepts and STEM by applying them to a solution for a global issue. The competition tests not only their grasp on economics but their ability to critically think in devising and defending their solution, while also promoting skills such as public speaking, research and team building.


CBS News Coverage

2024 Event Guests and Staff

Moderator – Courtney Cole

Anchor/Reporter – WBZ-TV | WSBK-TV | CBSBoston.com

We’re once again excited to have Courtney Cole of WBZ News return to serve as the moderator for this year’s event. Her continued support and coverage of positive and tough-but-necessary conversations continues to empower and educate our communities!

Cole, an Anchor/Reporter for WBZ News, joined the family in July 2022. She’s been enjoying learning more about the history and the community of Boston – and what makes it tick.

You can wake-up with her on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 5AM and catch her during the week on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, beginning at 7:00 a.m. on CBS News Boston.

The Chicago native spent the last 4 ½ years in Jacksonville, Florida where she anchored a top-rated Weekend Morning Show. She enjoys covering stories that tackle tough-but-necessary conversations, that empower viewers to be civically involved and stories that help give a voice to those who feel like they haven’t been heard. 

The proud Hampton University Alumna  (#GoPirates!)  looks forward to the opportunity to continue telling your stories here in New England! 

Speaker – Richard Harris

Assistant Dean and Director – Northeastern University

An engineer and manager in industry for 15+ years prior to joining Northeastern, Richard Harris is the Associate Dean for DEI and Director of NUPRIME (Northeastern University Program In Multicultural Engineering). He is an involved advocate and supporter of STEM education and improving access to STEM for traditionally disenfranchised and underserved communities. He serves as an advisor for both the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and a member of the Board of Directors for the National GEM Consortium.

Speaker – Greg Waters

CEO and Co-founder – MatrixSpace

Entrepreneur, investor and proud graduate of Northeastern University, Greg and his company (MatrixSpace) are focused on innovating and advancing the fields of semiconductors, radar and sensors. Prior to founding MatrixSpace he was President and CEO of Integrated Device Technology, a leader in semiconductor and sensor solutions in automotive, data center, and industrial segments. In addition to his leadership position at MatrixSpace, he is also a Director at Onsemi — a leader in automotive and industrial products.

Kim G Redding

Founder of several investment management firms (including Redding, Melchor & Company, K. G. Redding & Company, RREEF Real Estate Securities, and KG Redding LLC), Kim has been an active leader in the real estate securities and infrastructure securities business since 1986. He retired in 2014 as the Chief Investment Strategist of Brookfield Asset Management, where he oversaw a diversified global investment management platform that included Real Estate Securities (REITs), Infrastructure Securities, Investment Grade and High Yield Debt, and Structured Products.


  • Ana Andrade
  • Nelia Arruda
  • Camille Baerga
  • Albert Barnor
  • Jennifer Bernasconi
  • Denise Brown
  • Martin Dias
  • Stewart Dew
  • Jodi Doyle
  • Anna  French
  • Marian Green-Robinson
  • David Gulley
  • Moonsu Han
  • Erin Hearn
  • Chris McHugh
  • Mary LaCivita
  • Barry Reaves
  • Joanne Schneider
  • Chandra Smart
  • Scott Stephenson


  • Deb Bloomberg
  • Jennifer Love

About Us

The Global Economic Symposium (GES) is an exciting event where students from across the country identify a global economic issue and attempt to solve it using realistic economic principles and creative thinking. Through the competition, students learn research and writing skills, effective cooperation, local/regional cultures, financial statuses and challenges, problem solving and public speaking.

The Global Economic Symposium nurtures the next generation of global leaders. It is a team-based and research-based learning experience for secondary students that requires them to identify a burning global issue, research the challenges this issue presents to nations, and recommend economic actions, policies, and practices that have helped mitigate the impact of this challenge on a global and local level. Students present their findings and defend their recommendations to a panel of industry executives, national thought and policy leaders, and post-secondary academicians.

Educator-advisors, GES staff, and college mentors provide just-in-time coaching to the student teams. The goal is to ensure students have the support they need to produce key deliverables and meet deadlines as they prepare for the culminating event.


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